Fred Kimmel

"Fred Kimmel - Into You
Elements of Nine Inch Nails and Celldweller can be found in this grungy, thrashing electronic ode to lust."
Keyboard Magazine - August 2009 - Unsigned Artist Of The Month

The space between you and me, my headspace, the space we share, and the outer limits of our minds, where space becomes infinite. It is gravity that brings us together. We are all in Space, until we find each other, come closer and connect, spinning and spiraling endlessly into the space we call Love.

Fred Kimmel is now unleashing Space on the masses to hear his vision as an artist. This is a album of songs that reaches deep into your soul and pulls out those thoughts, dreams, emotions that you've been searching for. Fred Kimmel's Space is not only a collection of amazing songs. It's a journey for your mind, body and spirit.

1: Always Beautiful
2: Into You
3: Riverflow
4: Spiral
5: Take Me
6: Jazz Bad
7: Oh Yeah
8: Believe
9: Presumptuous
10: Oh Lord
11: Kitty
12: Dance All Day
13: ICU
14: The Clock Burned Down