Fred Kimmel
I Got The Game
Credits: All tracks - Fred Kimmel
Description: COMING SOON !!

Gee Starr and The Mad Scientist
I Got The Game
The Change
Behind The Scenes - Sleep Video
Radio Ad Montage
Director: Fred Kimmel
Oh Yeah
Karaoke Rock
Director: Robin Adams
Description: Sixteen year old vocal sensation Claudia rocks the building with the hit song from her debut music video. Music produced by dad Fred Kimmel. Special thanks to the K-ROCK Band and Palomba Academy of Music in the Bronx, NYC. Executive Producer Sumio Sone.
Music co-produced by
Martin Breeson

The Band:

Brandon Meenan
Dylan Taganas
Onyinye Omforgagio
David Santiago
Luca Philips
Giovanna D'Angelo
Ashley Fisher

The Karaoke Kids:

Nacio Rey
Angel Jimenez
Angela Jade George
Catherine Espina
Nittsu Commercial NHK
Director: Jamal Hodge / Producer - Nagamitsu Endo
Credits: Music Composed and Arranged by Sali Oguri
Co-Produced by
Brian Michael Medina
and Fred Kimmel
Description: Commercial for NHK TV - Japan
It's A Freddy Rei Day - Presumptuous
One Day - Rock Band 101 Vocal Rehearsal
Rock Band 101- Vocal Intro Live - Carry On My Wayward Son
Credits: Claudia Kimmel, Dylan Taganas, Onyinye Ofornago, Fred Kimmel
Are We Having Fun Yet
Description: Music and Video Composed and Created by
Fred Kimmel